Flora Massah

Pangolins are the world's most trafficked mammal, yet most people have never even heard of this species before.

Our team was tasked with taking raw footage shot from a variety of sources and formats to create a compelling story around the importance of pangolin conservation and the interconnection of wildlife & human health.

Initially I tagged and coded the raw footage, drawing out key themes and concepts. After assessing what we had, my team members and I outlined potential story ideas and highlighted gaps that we needed to gather more resources for. I worked with the Programs teams to ensure that the content aligned with the organization’s mission. After researching current digital trends with the Communications team, we decided to create a 5-part mini-documentary series.

I was responsible for storyboarding and editing three of the five episodes, and created the motion graphics used throughout the series. Additionally I worked with the Communications team to formulate a strategic release plan including social toolkits for partners, and created graphics in different formats for use across social platforms and print materials.

Series garnered 30,000+ views on social media.

Episode 3 of A Pangolin's Tale