Flora Massah

Directed and edited promotional videos raising awareness of free services offered by holistic community clinic.

My task was to to create short videos that represented the diversity of services offered by the clinic and explained their unique holistic approach. Over the course of two months I planned, directed and edited 11 videos, which were uploaded to the clinic’s website, broadcasted on televisions in the waiting room and shared on social media.

Initially I held stakeholder interviews with the manager and staff of Te Manu Aute to discuss the goals of the clinic and their primary target audience. I then met with each practitioner and healer to better understand their services and worldview. Since I was living and working in the same community, I was also able to informally speak with people in the area and ask about their opinions on and experiences with the clinic.

From my research it became clear that not only was there a lack of awareness in the community, but also hesitancy towards trying unfamiliar traditional healing services.

I decided to create short, visually descriptive videos for each practitioner and healer that would actually show and explain their therapy. I also created a longer overview video (featured above) and an additional clip with community testimonials so that people could hear about the positive impact of these services from their peers.

See more videos on my Vimeo page: