Flora Massah

I am a design researcher and visual storyteller who focuses on exploratory and generative research. I have a mixed background in anthropology and video production, and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in design strategy.

I approach creative problem solving with a holistic and integrative mindset, searching for nuance rather than simplification, and emphasize the importance of understanding the context, ensuring that the right questions are being asked before looking for answers. My experiences in anthropology and video production have been integral to how I synthesize and communicate insights in a meaningful way to stakeholders and team members.

Mostly I am curious about the world and its diverse peoples and cultures, which has led me to live in various countries like Japan, New Zealand, and Iran. In my free time I enjoy playing the setar, practicing calligraphy, and going on nature hikes.


Atomic Habits

Decolonizing Design

Emergent Strategy

Technically Wrong


Master of Design

IIT Institute of Design | 2024

B.A. Anthropology

Princeton | 2013