Flora Massah

Design researcher & visual storyteller

with a mixed background in anthropology,

design, and video production.

Featured Projects

The Future of Public Libraries

Rider Meets Driver

Food Sovereignty in Chicago

Exploratory Projects

Creating inclusive educational experiences that are joyful

and accessible

The Journey app is an educational tool teaching students about animal migration while emphasizing individual choice and autonomy in its design. The “Salmon Run” experience includes a salmon figure where students can adjust the interaction mode based on their preferences, including sound, light, vibration, heat, and air pressure. The interaction is envisioned to use a diverse library of elements, such as various types of vibration patterns, so that anyone can still have a multi-dimensional sensorial experience.

Redesigning fare machines for greater clarity & understanding

Rather than helping customers learn about and purchase various fare options, the current Ventra fare machines produce confusion and doubt. The redesign aims to provide a more seamless experience interacting with the fare machine. The primary objective is clarity, where the customer can easily understand what the machine can be used for, and quickly comprehend which option best suits their needs.