Flora Massah

I have several years of experience as a video editor producing a wide range of creative content for marketing, promotion, and social media. My strengths lie in visual storytelling and creating a compelling narrative. 

Featured Projects

Unsung Heroes

Rangers are the frontline workers of conservation, but their roles and impact remain invisible to most people.

I collaborated with the Marine team to develop narratives highlighting the varied roles of rangers, the urgency of their work, and what a typical day looks like for them. I recommended we focus on a few key individual stories, as these have proven to have better traction with our audience and a greater impact.

The videos received 14,000+ views on various social media channels and contributed to raising $20,000 through the World Ranger Day campaign. Additionally the video featuring Gabon’s rangers was broadcast in the country through a Gabonese TV channel.

Organization: WildAid

A Pangolin's Tale

Pangolins are the world's most trafficked mammal, yet most people have never heard of this species before.

Our video team received raw footage from diverse sources to craft a compelling narrative on pangolin conservation and its link to human health. Initially I tagged and coded the raw footage, drawing out key themes and concepts. Collaborating with the Programs team, we outlined story ideas that aligned with the organization mission.

After researching digital trends, I proposed a 5-part mini-documentary series. I was responsible for storyboarding and editing three episodes, and created the motion graphics used throughout the series. Additionally I worked with the Communications team to formulate a strategic release plan including social toolkits for partners.

The series garnered 30,000+ views on social media. Access the full mini-documentary here.

Organization: WildAid

Holistic Health Clinic

Te Manu Aute, a community clinic, offers a diverse range of free holistic health services, but very few community members would visit the clinic.

My role was to develop strategies to raise awareness and engagement with the services offered. I spoke with the manager and healing practitioners to understand the goals of the clinic, their intended audience, as well as their services and worldview. I interviewed community members to learn about their perspectives and experiences with the clinic.

My research uncovered a lack of awareness in the community, but also hesitancy towards trying unfamiliar traditional healing services. I decided to create short, visually descriptive videos for each service to show and explain their holistic approach. I also included testimonials from community members highlighting the positive impact of these services.

Over the course of two months I planned, directed, and edited 11 videos, which were uploaded to the clinic’s website, broadcasted on televisions in the waiting room, and shared on social media. Access all of the videos here.

Organization: Manurewa Marae